Keeping a career and existence for more than 20 years without stopping and even getting better by day is really an achievement not everyone can accomplish. But, Rinaldy Arviano Yunardi is able to prove that when he puts his hearts and passion into his works, he can do whatever he wanted his works to be.

His love journey with designing accessory started when he, unlike most people, took his daily break by creating something. Wires and acrylics became his medium to express his creativity while working in his brother’s studio until beautiful dazzling tiaras were created. For him, there was not turning back not to become someone he passionately wanted to be, an accessory designer.

He never gave up all of the ideas appearing in his head until they became something to be proud of.

Slowly but surely, beautiful works are created from his brilliant creativities. Not only tiaras but also bracelets, necklaces, rings, head pieces and other fashion supporting accessories, inspired by his acquaintance with Sebastian Gunawan and Didi Budiardjo, Indonesia top fashion designers. Today, almost all of top fashion designers are using his creations to beautify their designs like something is surely missing without one or two Rinaldy Yunardi’s works.

Totality in Rinaldy Yunardi’s work catapulted his name as one of the world’s most renowned accessory designers. His name become well known worldwide when he took out top honors at 2017 World of WearableArt™ Award. Today, his works are acknowledged widely and can be seen worn by many famous artists all over the world.

The Awards

  • 2019 Supreme WOW Award from World of WearableArt.
  • 2019 Winner of the International Design Award - Asia at the 2019 World of WearableArt Awards.
  • 2019 Winner of the Avant-Garde Section at the 2019 World of WearableArt Awards.
  • 2017 Rinaldy Yunardi won THE SUPREME WOW dari World Of WearableArt™ in New Zealand.
  • 2017 First Place for Open Section Category Award in World Of WearableArt™
  • 2017 First Place for Avant-Garde Category in World Of WearableArt™
  • 2015 Member Designer - Jewelry & Accessories of The Asian Couture Federation.
  • 2012 MURI Award for fashion show using the most mannequins.
  • 2004 Nokia Award Accessories Designer of the Year

The Fame

Rinaldy Yunardi's creations have been well received and proudly worn by international artists, such as: Aaron Kwok, Anggun C. Sasmi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Brandy, Cassie, Fergie, Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Shakira and many more.



World Flower Council is a non-profit professional flower organization which has been established since 1983. They are determined to make the beauty of flowers a symbol of peace and culture between nations across the world. After more than a decade, Indonesia was again appointed as the Host of WFC SUMMIT 2019. In the event which will be held on 19-22 September 2019 at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, Rinaldy A. Yunardi held a fashion show titled KHATULISTIWA as the highlight of the event, in collaboration with 8 Indonesian floral designers, Dina Touwani, Christian Warella, Lim Su Wen, Teres Maria Ineke Turangan, Nasna Kahim, Yohanes Wempi, Nixie Pyrena and Made Putra. Indonesia, which is an archipelago country on the equator, with the diversity of ethnic and cultural features from 34 provinces, inspire Rinaldy A. Yunardi's collection this time.

Suit and Trousers by Agus Lim | Shoes by Thang Shoes | Make Up by LTPRO Professional Make-Up | Photography & Videography by Moreno Photography | Show Director : Djafar S


Indonesia has a wonderful wealth ranging from a diversity of customs, dances, languages ​​to traditional clothing and traditional accessories with variations of jewelry. Through traditional jewelery, there is a deep meaning to record of Indonesian civilization which needs to be preserved together. That is why, Rinaldy A. Yunardi - Fashion Designer Accessories of Indonesian held a Fashion Accessories Exhibition at JFFF Awards as the closing event of JFFF Fashion Festival this year. The show presented 34 collections representing 34 cultural provinces in Indonesia, specifically accessories and 1 collection of Ibu Pertiwi took place on August 21, 2019 at JFFF.

Courtesy by : JFFF2019
Suit and Trousers by Agus Lim | Shoes by Thang Shoes | Make Up Coordinator by Donny Liem | Choreographer by Panca M | Music Arrangement by Renardi Effendi | Violinist by Stairway Music | MC by Daddo Parus dan Iza Beljahja | Videography by Agung Kurniawan dan Moreno Photography | Photo Coordinator by Wenny Sari | Photography by Eric Diavlo, Calvin J, Budiman Khuang


2018 Collection

The present is the equilibrium of the past and the future Embark with me on a journey committed to our nature, a journey towards, the serenity of leaving our planet in equilibrium for the future generations to come

Rinaldy A. Yunardi

Designers : Adrian Gan, Didi Budiardjo, Eddy Betty, Sebastian Gunawan, Susan Budihardjo | Artist : Anto Hoed, Andy Ayunir, Melly Goeslaw, Andien, Krisdayanti, Rossa, Syahrini, Titi DJ | Supported By : Donny Liem, Thang Shoes, LT Pro, Romitex World, Taco, Optik Seis, Moreno Photography, Noote & Netoo, Flair, The Big Organizer, Cindy Florist, The Ritz-Carlton | Show Director : Djafar | Choreographer : Ari Tulang | Media Partner : Bazaar Indonesia