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Jas pengantin untuk suami saya pesan di Eropah Tailor, bahannya ..

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Eropah Tailor was first established in Indonesia in 1979, and has since grown into an experienced vendor in the art of suit tailoring.

Every suit made starts with a selection of quality materials, coupled with flatering cuts and the most up-to-date models, while still emphasizez on the wearer's comfort

Joseph S.J., the owner and main designer of Eropah Tailor is constantly creating new ideas to fulfil customer's needs. His vision is to provide a wide array of suits style ranging from traditional and formal tuxedos, also to office suits.

Now Eropah Tailor has proudly expanded its service to providing specialized men's clothing items, such as trousers, shirts, vests, and ties

Eropah Tailor gallery is located in Semarang and thanks to our partnership with Miyu Couture, we've also opened a new gallery in Jakarta . In the future, we look forward to welcoming and serving more customers by opening new stores in Indonesia's major cities.

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