Manten Ballroom @ Imah Seniman
Manten Ballroom @ Imah Seniman

Manten Ballroom @ Imah Seniman

Wedding Venue & Restaurant

Wedding Venue & Restaurant

about 2 months ago



Manten Ballroom is a Semi-Outdoor Ballroom located at Imah Seniman Cafe & Resort by Bob Doank. Built on 25,000 square meters, Manten Ballroom takes on a “Warm & Romantic” Wedding Concept . Surrounded by a forest, river stream, and lake giving you a different and unique new wedding experience that you can only get with us in Bandung.

We can seat up to 300 people indoor, or 800 people standing. You are welcome to use the outdoor area with a total capacity of up to 2500 people.

During this “New Normal” period, we are very focused on keeping a very high standard of cleanliness and safety by enforcing new health and safety protocols that are put in place. We also strive for service excellence for our customers.

We can’t wait to be part of the celebration with You on our special day!

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