Xtraordinary Function Hall

Xtraordinary Function Hall

Wedding Venue & Restaurant

Wedding Venue & Restaurant



Your XtraOrdinary Wedding Celebration

This is it, your big day, the day you’ve been preparing in this life, and it needs something special, out of the world, something XtraOrdinary.

The Special Place

We are offering you the wedding venue inside our XtraOrdinary Hall in Daan Mogot, Jakarta. The hall is the 500 square meters place where space meets urban and creative environment and will be specially decorated for you with fresh flowers and bouquets up to your choice.

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    Central Park APL Tower 19th Unit T-9 Jl. Letjend S Parman Kav 28 Jakarta Barat, 11470. Daan Mogot Xtraordinary Hall Jl. Daan Mogot km 1 No. 145
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