Wedding Accessories

Wedding Accessories

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NOMA is a premium jewelry and accessories brand providing ready stock (catalog) collection and custom collection. Our products are available for rent and purchase.

We believe every couple deserves the perfect wedding of their dream—that's why our vision is to, "Make dreams come true, one wedding at a time."


Product Categories

  1. Wedding Crown
  2. Accessories: Hairpiece, Earpiece, Brooch, etc.
  3. Chinese Accessories: Hairpin, Headdress, Chinese Fan, Nail Ornaments, Brooch, etc.
  4. Simulated Diamond Jewelry
  5. Millinery, Hats, and Veils
  6. Shoes Accessories
  7. Bridesmaids and Family Hairpiece



- We take pride in providing the most excellent service, including going the extra miles to make a dream (wedding) come true! Ask our team anything :)

- Our products are designed not only to look beautiful for the eyes, but also comfortable and ergonomic to the wearers. We consider the natural anatomy of females especially in Asia to make accessories those are truly suited for you, design them with actual weddings in mind to mitigate any possible risk that can happen on the day, listen to our clients' concerns and suggestions--then combine it with our extensive knowledge and cutting-edge production technique to bring the most comfortable and beautiful accessories.

- We only use the best materials and it is not an overstatement to say that we guarantee the materials we use are the best you can find in Indonesia.

- We pay great attention to even the smallest details, ensuring precise and impeccable craftsmanships all the time.

- We really put the effort to make sure our quality is perfect. Even for rent items, we guarantee it will always be like new!

- We are proud to always be the first one to launch a new technique. It can be said that we are the most innovative vendor in the industry, setting the trends for and leading the market of wedding accessories. Some of the accessories categories we have popularized: Chinese fans, headband crowns, and a lot more to come! Our products and photoshoots have always been an inspiration for others to follow.

If you are looking for unique and different ideas, then come to us!

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