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ASA organizer

ASA organizer

Wedding Planner & Organiser

Wedding Planner & Organiser

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Hi! I’m Viranica, the owner and lead planner of ASA. I’ll be glad to help you :)

  • WA/call: +6281280777989 /
  • You can reach me directly me via WhatsApp
  • or you may leave your number and your wedding date, we will contact you immediately.

ASA is a THEMATIC EVENT PLANNER. We believe that an event should be personal; meaning your dream wedding have to show the beauty of your personality, none like others.

In order to achieve that goals, here in ASA, each wedding will be lead by stylist & 3 planners whom specialized in their own categories and we also only handle 1 wedding a week.

Contact us for more info. Thank u :)

*ASA in sanskrit means wish, that’s the soul of our spirit; to make your wedding just like what you could ever wish for. Our goal is to produce events that are completely unique to your personality & style; from conceptualizing a distinctive theme and rundown to handling the “nitty-gritty details” which are the practical and most important aspects. We are glad to make your wish come true.


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