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God gives you a great opportunity to walk on the future by being together as one with your partner in the form of wedding. Both of you surely hope that this sacred moment will be filled with love, respect and trust to each other ahead. Lots of prayers and blessings are sent to you so the two of you can handle any situation, through good and bad times.

You do not hesitate also to share this wonderful moment and spread the lovely words to all guests attending the ceremony and the party so they could be happy for you. Surely this is what you and your partner are dreaming of about the wedding day.

Let Flo Wedding Organizer know what you worry and quickly we’ll overcome it.

Certainly a few days or months before marriage increase the morbid fear. A high expectation of perfect wedding somehow puts the couple into a pressure. In fact, the situation which is full of tension like this does not need to be occurred. The couple should avoid things that make them panic and worry.

Flo wedding organizer understand, Every little things connected to the wedding must come in a perfection so guests, people are invited coming to the ceremony and party will feel cozy and pleasant.

It is true that most couple need enough time to think and plan the significant details of the wedding so they can reach uniqueness. Even couples face difficulties and problems that could lead them to stress and panic, which should be anticipated if they want everything goes smoothly.

But such things will not happen if you put your trust in us and let us do even the complicated wedding preparations.

Flo Wedding Organizer has established nice relations with the best vendors to realize your dream wedding. We will negotiate with the vendors to get the best price so your needs can be fulfilled.

Do not hesitate to consult us and ask whatever you want to know. We will walk with you after the proposal day to your special day.



Experience Our Best Services

For years Bali has been a popular destination where both local and foreign tourists spend their holiday. Beaches, cultural sites, panorama, traditional dances and festivals—these are the uniqueness Bali has had and successfully drawn tourists’ attention. Not only that, Bali has been chosen as the best place where couples hold their pre-wedding photography and celebrate the wedding ceremony as well.

You’ll be surprised by the ideas and imaginations coming to once you hear about Bali. And what makes Flo wedding organizer so special is the location of the head-quarter. Knowing about Bali helps us to find and define vendors, locations for pre-wedding photography, and the range of packages. No matter how big or small your wedding is, we are always there even for a consultation.

We want our bride and groom start and finish their special day in a fit and fresh condition. To highlight the beauty of the bride and groom, good make-up is required. But once again, we follow your rule and concept since make-up also plays a significant role in pre-wedding and wedding picture besides the tuxedo and gown. Flo wedding organizer have a big responsibility to handle and manage every pieces of your wedding picture.

Some couples have their own concept and plan, while others let wedding organizer to do that. If you belong to couples who come with thousands of ideas, concepts, and plans, then we are pleasure to execute those things and make your dream comes true.

With us, couples are also allowed to live and experience international moment. From a very start to finish, we always accompany you to reduce your stress and panic in facing the day. Once again, do not hesitate to contact us to get helpful information about wedding, especially the resources.

Flo wedding organizer offers a proper wedding consultation that you would never meet in other wedding organizers.

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Weddingku tidak bertanggung jawab atas apapun kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh vendor termasuk penipuan. Untuk mengetahui kualitas dan integritas vendor yang bersangkutan dengan jelas, pastikan dengan membaca Review Vendor di website kami.